2023 Winners

Individual Awards

Blockchain Leader of the Year

This award recognises a leader from the blockchain industry who is a pioneer, visionary, strategic thinker and role model. The Blockchain Leader of the Year Award recipient will also be recognised as an influencer in the industry and have demonstrated their engagement with the community (keynote speaking, advocacy, & media interviews) in helping to improve on and champion the use of blockchain technology.

Danielle Marie

Community Leader of the Year

This award is a tribute to the dedicated community builders who have passionately worked towards knitting a cohesive and thriving Australian blockchain community. It recognises those individuals who, through their tireless efforts, have nurtured connections, fostered collaboration, and created spaces for knowledge sharing and growth. These leaders have not only brought individuals and groups together but have also been pivotal in shaping an inclusive and engaged blockchain ecosystem in Australia.

Mark Monfort

Creative Leader of the Year

The “Creative Leader of the Year” award celebrates remarkable individuals in the blockchain and digital currency industry who have made significant creative and artistic impact particularly in the fields of art, gaming, and NFTs.

 Greg Oakford

Diversity & Inclusion Leader of the Year

This award recognises the exceptional contribution towards improving diversity and inclusion within the blockchain industry for those from diverse backgrounds and/or actively campaigned for a more inclusionary blockchain industry, in a way that has had a positive and long-term impact.

Samira Tollo

Rising Star

This category honours promising and exceptional individuals who are rising stars in the blockchain industry. This award recognises emerging leaders who have demonstrated remarkable innovation, accomplishments, and potential early in their careers. The Rising Star award celebrates individuals who show promise, drive, and a strong commitment to excellence, positioning them as future leaders in the blockchain space.

Jock Haslam

Business Awards

Digital Currency Exchange of the Year

This award recognises a digital currency exchange that excels in providing a seamless, secure, and innovative platform. The award honours an exchange that demonstrates exceptional commitment to user experience, security, regulatory compliance, and industry engagement.  This award acknowledges achievements over the past 12 months.


Organisation of the Year

The “Organisation of the Year” award celebrates outstanding businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and significant contributions to the Australian blockchain industry. This award acknowledges a company’s achievements over the past 12 months, as well as its’ reputation and presence within the industry.


Project of the Year

This award spotlights innovative projects, whether within businesses or standalone, that have significantly influenced the Australian Blockchain industry, setting new benchmarks in technology application, impact, and value delivery.


Excellence in Technology Development

This award recognises the providers of blockchain technologies and services that are delivering solutions that significantly transform their clients’ operations. This award showcases the talent, leadership and impact of our service providers who are contributing to the growth of the industry.


Excellence in Blockchain Education

Recognises educational institutions, whether universities, TAFEs, schools, or online platforms, that have demonstrated exceptional excellence in providing blockchain education across various modes and delivery models. This award celebrates their ability to deliver high-quality and accessible blockchain education, catering to diverse learning needs and preferences

RMIT University

Outstanding Professional Services

The “Outstanding Professional Services in Blockchain” award recognises exceptional organisations that have delivered exemplary services in the blockchain industry, including but not limited to legal, tax, security, analytics, and advisory.


Startup / Scaleup of the Year

This award celebrates an early-stage Australian blockchain business demonstrating significant expansion and influence during its foundational years. Concentrating on businesses within a 1-5 year operational window, the award emphasises robust expansion, innovation, scalability, and profound industry resonance. Additionally, it acknowledges enterprises with a distinct future vision, and active community engagement, and a passionate, effective team.